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Staff & Coaches

18′s Asics

Bill Marshall

Paul Batzle

Jaws Price

18′s Blue

Kristine Hope

Haylee Savage

16′s Asics

Tiffaney Golden

Erika Gould

16′s Blue

Sharol Quinn

Eliza Randolph

16′s Red

Sarah Subjeck

Aryn Aston

14′s Black

Kelsey DeLaGrange

Erin Peck

14′s Blue

Katie Spears

Rachel Erickson

14s Red

Daniel Mirelez

Sam Jensen

12′s Black

Whitney Luchau

Sarah Subjeck

12′s Blue

Carmen Hewitt

Kami Collette

12′s Red

Stacey Fanchin

Shaun Campbell

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