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18′s ASICS:

        Tiffaney Golden

  • Years Coaching: 20 years
  • Years Playing: forever
  • Club Experience: played 6 years and now coach
  • High School/College Attended:Toutle Lake, played vb at Eastern Washington and got teaching degree, masters in Teaching w/ admin credentials from Washington State University
  • Awards Won (Coaching/Playing):too old no one cares
  • Where you’ve coached: Kelso HS, Castle Rock MS and HS
  • Family Info (spouse/significant other, kids, etc): husband Tom, son Dakota, daughter Logann
  • What you love most about Cowlitz Volleyball Club:  coaches and memories from Vegas and Davis

        Erika Fountain Gould

  • Years Coaching: Coached High school 5 years, This is my 4th Cowlitz club season
  • Years Playing: I played 8 years, and continued to play off and on as adult
  • Club Experience: I played club volleyball 6 years for Cowlitz
  • High School/College Attended: Played for Toutle Lake High School and Lower Columbia Community College.
  • Awards Won: I was Co-Captain 2 years at LCC
  • I almost always received the Most Inspirational award after every season, club, HS and College.
  • Where you’ve coached: I was the assistant TL HS Coach when we won State. (twice I think?)
  • Family Info: I married my High School Sweetheart and have two children, Eddie 13 and Taylor 16.
  • What you love most about Cowlitz Volleyball Club: The thing I love best about club is getting to see the alumni’s children’s come through our program.  I am coaching my teammates kids!! This club is generational.

        Bill Marshall

  • Years Coaching: 40th year overall coaching
  • Years Playing: 9 years at R A LONG 1977-1985
  • 770% winning percentage at RAL
  • State Tournament appearance 7 out of 9 years
  • 1982 State runner up
  • 1983 State Champions, Coach of the Year
  • 1984 State Champions, Coach of the Year
  • 1985 State Champions, Coach of the Year
  • Washington State Coaches Association Hall of Fame 2008
  • RAL Hall of Fame as an Individual
  •  3 as a State Championship Coach of one of our teams
  • Where you’ve coached: Cowlitz Volleyball Club Director since 1979
  • Where you went to school: WSU 69-73 BS Physical Education and PSU Masters/Administrative Degrees 1985
  • Family: Adele, married 47 years, Brenden – 41, Sean – 39, Craig – 33, 5 grandkids,
  • What I love most about CVC is the relationship with the athletes, their parents and the community. And the ability to make a difference for all the mentioned groups. The ability to coach them as young adults, and to watch them return as coaches and leaders of the club after playing in college and making a difference in the Longview Community.

18′s BLUE:

        Kristine Hope

        Jamie King


16′s ASICS:

        Kelsey DeLaGrange

       Sharol Quinn

16′s BLUE:

        Candace Maier

  • Current Job: I teach first grade at Toledo Elementary.
  • Years Coaching: 2 years Varsity Volleyball coach Toledo high school and 1 year JV Volleyball coach Toledo high
  • I really enjoy coaching and have coached recreational basketball and softball for several years.
  • I played volleyball in both middle and high school.
  • High School/College Attended: I graduated from PeEll High School where I played three sports.
  • I recieved a BA in Elementary Education from St.Martins College and A Masters of Science in reading and literacy from Walden University.
  • Family Info: My husband is a retired business owner and a school board member for Toledo School District and we have three great kids.

        Cassie Jolly

16′s RED:

        Jim Oldis

        Maddy Lorber


14′s BLACK:

        Haylee Savage

  • Years Coaching: 2
  • Years Playing: 13
  • Club Experience: 10U-18U
  • High School/College Attended: Lebanon high School, Lower Columbia College
  • Awards Won (Coaching/Playing): 2016 NWAC Champ, Under Armour Player of the week, West Region Setter
  • Where you’ve coached: Cowlitz Volleyball
  • What you love most about Cowlitz Volleyball Club: It allows young athletes the opportunity to grow as athletes and young adults

        Morgan Paddock

14′s BLUE:

        Sarah Subjeck

  • Years Coaching: 2 years
  • Years Playing: 9 (4th though 12th)
  • Club Experience: 12 Black assistant coach, 16 Red Head coach. I also played for Cowlitz for 3 years
  • High School/College Attended: Toledo High School/Penn Foster College
  • Awards Won (Coaching/Playing): 2 years MVP, 2 years Coach’s award
  • Where you’ve coached: Toledo Middle School, Toledo High School, Cowlitz VB club
  • Family Info: Supportive family. Mother does books for Toledo HS volleyball, her and my boyfriend, of 6 years, come and support at many CVC tournaments.
  • What you love most about Cowlitz Volleyball Club: Getting to work with passionate volleyball players from all over Lewis/Cowlitz county

        Amy Zdunich Anderson

14′s RED:

        Daniel Mirelez

  • Years Coaching: 3rd year coaching
  • Club Experience: 3rd year coaching club
  • High School/College Attended: R.A. Long High School/ Lower Columbia College
  • Where you’ve coached: I have coached for Capital Volleyball club (2015-2016) in Olympia WA. While coaching for capital, I and coach Kelsey managed to place in the top 10 in the platinum bracket, as well finishing 1st at the Willamette classic in the 14u division for the Puget Sound Region. My first year head coaching for Cowlitz volleyball club 14u Red (2016-present); starting out at 119 rank in power league #1,  placing 1st in power league #2 and moving up one bracket, finishing seed rank at 111.
  • What I love most about cowlitz volleyball club is; the family mentality and giving back to my community that raised me. while winning and being the best club in Longview/ Kelso period!!

        Kelsey DelaGrange

14′s PURPLE:

        Karla Galvan

        Maya White


12′s BLACK:

        Whitney Luchau

  • Years Coaching: 13 years
  • Years Playing: 19 years
  • Club Experience: 4 years playing, 13 years coaching
  • High School/College Attended: R. A. Long High School, Lower Columbia College, Western Governor’s University
  • Awards Won (Coaching/Playing): High School: 3AGSHL Honorable Mention 02, 1st Team 3AGSHL, Co-MMVP, KLOG Athlete of the Week, TDN Athlete of the Week. College: NWAC Western Region 2nd Team, NWAC Western Region 1st Team, NWAC Offensive Player of the week, NWAC Athlete of the Week, Coaches Award. Coaching: Coach of the Year 2016
  • Where you’ve coached: Cowlitz Volleyball Club, Monticello Middle School, Lower Columbia College, Team Yakima Volleyball Club, Walter Strom Middle School, Toledo High School, R. A. Long High School
  • Family Info: I have 3 beautiful dogs. Buddy – Black Lab, Teddy – Goldendoodle and Tuck – Border Collie
  • What you love most about Cowlitz Volleyball Club: I love the relationships that I created back when I played years ago. I am not coaching former teammates children and it is wonderful. I love the families, athletes and coaches and couldn’t be more excited to spend another year with these people!

        Aryn Ashton

12′s BLUE:

        Carmen Hewitt

  • Years Coaching: 4 years
  • Years Playing: 6 years
  • Club Experience: 4 years
  • High School/College Attended: R. A. Long High school/ Central Washington University (did not play there)
  • Awards Won (Coaching/Playing): I have been awarded Most inspirational on every team I have played for… I wonder why that could be… #CheerleaderPlayingVolleyball
  • Where you’ve coached: Cowlitz Volleyball Club, R. A. Long, Mt. Solo
  • Family Info: I have two wonderful parents, Brian and Rose Hewitt, and a fantastic brother, Marc Hewitt.
  • What you love most about Cowlitz Volleyball Club: I love watching athletes fall in love with the game. Watching their passion grow along with their skill level is the absolute best. Volleyball should always be fun, and I’m blessed to be part of a club that puts the love of the game first.

        Sydney James

12′s RED:

        Talia Hamer

        Jennifer Godinho-Hefley

  • Years Coaching: 21 years coaching
  • Years Playing: 10 years in school ball
  • Club Experience: 5 years playing club
  • High School/College Attended:  Kelso, LCC, CWU
  • Awards Won (Coaching/Playing): Hall of fame at LCC, serving record, all league, mvp, coaches
  • Coached club 5 years
  • Where you’ve coached: Ral 17 years
  • Family Info : Married to Bryan Hefley, 2 daughters Brooke and Breonna Hefley
  • What you love most about Cowlitz Volleyball Club: Tradition, support, community

12′s PINK:

        Jeana Bayes

        Shaun Campbell

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